Passerina Spumante Brut

Grape variety: Passerina 100%
Area of production: Municipality of Ripatransone
Period of grape harvest: The end of August
Average production per plant: kg 3
Vineyard surface: 6:00:00 ha
Plants per hectare: 2500
Cultivation system: Vertical shoot-positioned trellis (vsp)
Grapevine: Farmed as organic system
Soil: Medium textured with fairly even balance of clays
Average altitude: 280 m a.s.l.
Fermentation tank: Stainless steel tank
Fermentation temperature: 16 °C
Refinement: In bottles one month
Bottles that can be produced: 50,000
Bottle: 750 ml – 750 g Piave bottle
Packaging: 6 standing bottles per case